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Name:be my acid queen
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Hi there, you've somehow stumbled upon my space, I'm truly, duly honored. Also. I'm twenty-ish. I'm Dutch. I'm a girl. I'm a geek. Batteries, sadly, are not included. Feel free to poke around and if you see anything you like, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. ♪


Interests (80):

barenaked ladies, being lazy, blah blah blah, bleach, books, boys girls and guitars, breaking benjamin, bumming about, cats sometimes, certain tv-shows (maybe), closet-porn, coffee, crack, daddies, delusions of grandeur, discussions, do not want, doctors, dragonball, dysfunctional families, engrish, fall out boy, fanart, fanfiction, fashion sense, getting my bitch on, glasses, guitars, hands, harry potter (secretly), having bling-bling, henry, humor, lame, liking the gents, liking the ladies, lol internet, lollerskating, love, lurking, mad skills, man/woman sexxing, music, my hometown, obscure stuff, oh henry, osm, paaaants, pens, people with issues, phone booth stuffing, pimpin', porn, rambling, reading, reno 911, rocks fall everyone dies, rooftop ninjas, scrubs, shoujo, shounen, sleeveless shirts, snark, spazz attack!, star wars, stupid, super junior m, tai zhong le!!, tea and cookies, thinking i'm an artist, useless dorky tossers, violin, wankers, watching, whut?, writing, yogurt-treats, you & i, your finely-shaped ass,
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